Leo Simpson Pin-Up at Belami

Leo Simpson Pin-Up at Belami

Belami says: Pin-Up of the week is a sexy young jock named Leo Simpson. Leo came to our Budapest office and dazzled the team with his studly playfulness. We catch Leo at the start of this photoshoot almost naked, apart from his black socks, he’s busy getting dressed, ready to start. Leo smiling and giggling ‘I have to admit I’m a little nervous, but that’s normal right?’. They clearly had a lot of fun with young Leo, even if the cameraman had to ask his to throw away his gum. When asked to smile widely Leo can’t help but start laughing. First night nerves I guess.


With his dark hair and eyes Leo is a good looking young man. He is tall and has long slender legs covered in dark brown hair, very sexy. As Leo pulls at the back side of his underwear he reveals a cute little butt also with a light dusting of furry down. Whilst posing as a Greek God young Leo breaks into yet more giggles. As he strips off his sleeveless shirt we get to see his lovely creamy smooth chest and stomach, yep Leo is a sexy young guy for sure.

During one shot he has both hands on his body, one on his chest the other rubbing the pencil thin line of hair between his belly button and his dick, then his hand slips into his underwear. The next shot his cock is super erect poking out of the top of his underwear. Although Leo has a relatively small boy cock his balls are big by comparison hanging their quietly. If you are a fan of young Leo Simpson then this photoshoot video gives you a a nice look at Leo both from behind the lens and in front. The Belami team thought this was an easy one as Leo was having so much fun.







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