Young nude boys Paul Canon, Scott Harbor and John Silver at Broke Straight Boys

Young nude boys Paul Canon, Scott Harbor and John Silver


Broke Straight Boys says: Before today’s update, Scott Harbor and John Silver have only done solos. The roommates are joined by the always cheerful Paul Canon. Mr. Paul is tired of taking the bus. To earn some funds he has agreed to suck the two newbies off.

“I heard he was a good dick sucker,” Scott says to the cameraman.

The roomies apparently live in a den of raunch because they sent to BSB a video of John laying pipe to a lass. Scott was the director of that cinematic treat. Anyone want to bet Scott was jealous of John’s costar?

The three guys lose their clothes and Paul goes down on Scott first. Poor John is left by his lonesome, but his johnson must enjoy the show because it’s straight up in no time.

Paul’s own pogo stick is ready to play. Have you noticed how excited Paul gets when meat is in his mouth? Scott moans and puts his hand on Paul’s head He wants the guy to go down as far as possible.


Paul turns his attention to Mr. Silver, and the dick just overflows in Paul’s mouth. Slurping sounds, and Paul’s moans, fill the studio. Is this the start of Paul’s training as a pass around bottom? LOL!!

“Why don’t you guys stand up,” Paul asks.

They do of course. Never say no to a guy who is doing a bang up blow job! Paul gets on his knees and services Scott first. He reaches over and gives John’s tool some strokes. Paul’s own cock? Hard enough to beat the drum in a jazz quintet. He deep throats Scott, whose face is pure bliss.

Paul gets back to John and his nose nuzzles some pubic hairs.

“He’s doing a fantastic job,” John says when asked about Paul’s oral talents.

Paul goes back to Scott for a second time, but decides it’s time to return to the sofa.

“Should we sit down,” Paul asks.

Once again, no complaints. We know who is charge of this scene. Back on the couch, Paul puts his head in Scott’s lap.

“”Fuck,” Paul groans as he comes up for air.

He needs a little break but soon gets back to sucking John. The big dicked stud runs his hands through Paul’s locks. The sound of Paul’s own stroking fills the room. The pace picks up as he tries to keep all of John’s sausage in his mouth.

“Mmmmm. I’m about to cum,” Paul announces.

And boy! Does he nut. The first stream hits his own thigh. The next two coat John’s thigh and balls. Has anyone in BSB history shot so much juice just by sucking dick?


The newbies are left to their own devices, as Paul sits in the middle to observe. Scott is all into his stroking. Sweating, mouth open, and taking a peek at his roommate’s round steak.

“I’m going cum,” Scott whimpers. “I’m going to cum.”

His nectar shoots straight up and lands on his thigh. He even plays with it a little bit.

It’s John’s turn, but donkey dicked dudes always need assistance with shooting.

“Want to help me out a bit,” John asks Paul. Scott looks a bit miffed that his services weren’t called for.


Paul sucks and it’s best to sit down for this part.

“I’m going to cum,” John warns.

Paul doesn’t stop sucking or pull off. John nuts and man cream dribbles out of Paul’s mouth. He comes up and a string of jizz, and spit, trails from his lips to John’s rod. To get rid of the excess moisture, Paul licks his lips.

Can Paul now be selected to sit in BSB’s first chair of dick sucking?




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