Top 100 world’s sexiest men and boys at English Lads (61-70)


Top 100 world’s sexiest men and boys at English Lads (61-70)

English Lads says: Another great group of straight guys with large uncut cocks from English Lads, who have the best looking normal guys in the British Isles. I just love uncut men always been fascinated with that extra bit of flesh. Tastes good when you chew on it and i love the feeling of it flipping over the dick head during rampant cock sucking. Yeah for sure it is great to give a blowjob to a uncut guy. And a straight one at that.


All these guys maintain that they are straight however given the fact that the guys at English Lads manage to coax them into doing some very unstraight things, it does make you wonder exactly where the boundary is between straightdom and gaydom. Still wahtever their private sexual proclivities it is fun to watch ‘straight guys’ inducted into the gay way.


Not all of them mind, are up to being persuaded, although given the large numbers of English Lads models who are, I would love to be a fly on the wall during their video shoots, sure could pick up a few tips on picking up the odd straight man now and again. Well less of my indepth sexual interest in the straight guy world.

So any favorites here, I have to admit I do love Jay Hall and Alfie Preston and Leo Benson, so 7 out of 10 is not a bad hit rate. Pity it was that easy to bag a straight guy in the real world. A lot of alcohol and a heavy dose of bravado not to mention some fairy luck. If you have any straight encounters then do be sure to let us know the do’s and don’ts.

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