Marcus Mojo and Jett Jax

Marcus Mojo says: After such a stressful week Marcus Mojo is in need of some healing hands, a good rubdown is what he is after, it is amazing the life giving qualities that a well performed deep muscle massage can imbue on the senses. Marcus following the advice of a gay friends, makes an appointment with a new guy in town, one, Jett Jax.

First impressions on walking through the door Marcus is happy to find Jett is a young, very strapping, good looking guy. As Jett gets to work on Marcus’s tight and aching body, he enjoys the feel of Jett’s firm touch. As Jett’s strong hands knead and rub, the two strike up some light banter.

Marcus mentions their mutual friend said Jett sometimes provides services beyond the standard massage, the happy ending that everyone is talking about in town. A little red faced, Jett finally admits that on occasion and with the right guy, he can be persuaded. And as if by magic, Jett dives in a grabs a piece of Marcus’ cute ass.

With Jett’s tongue lapping at his tight ass hole, Marcus just melts into the massage table. Then Marcus flips over to allow Jett to work on his front side. Jett takes Marcus’s already erect dick in his mouth and sucks passionately. Slowly at first, but then harder and deeper with long thrusting movements taking Marcus’ hard tool right tot he back of his throat.

Soon Marcus takes to his feet to suck Jett’s large cock. Then without much warning Marcus jumps in and takes position sliding his rock hard cock into Jett’s warm, tight boy hole. Watch this masseur and client fuck as they work up to a hot, frenzied explosion of cum.

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  1. Marcus Mojo and Jett Jax: Marcus slides his erection into Jett’s warm waiting hole!…… Marcus Mojo says: After such a…

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