Paragon Men says: Don’t be fooled by the slick schoolboy look. Sex-on-a-papi-stick Rodrigo de Leon is king of the feral fuck-me jungle. This San Juan sensation may be conservative to the naked eye, but behind doors the eyes on him naked get downright dirrrty! That’s three r’s for RAWR!

We shot him in front of a fire-engine red backdrop, an ideal color to complement his tawny, brawny bod, sultry dark eyes and smoldering sex appeal! And in our Penthouse, pumped up golden god Rodrigo strips to show us what he can do with his epic, uncut golden rod! He’s starred in XXX films such as “vanished”, “verboten” and in the pages of Titan Men. But in bed, the raven stud proclaims, “I just wait to be attacked”. Permission to pounce… granted!

Rodrigo’s hobbies include yoga, movies, and sunning himself in his native Puerto Rico. He loves the sea and has competed in challenging ocean swims where he makes one with the heaving, pumping, surging swells – the same powerful, inter-planetary pull he provides our horny readers! Get this movie at Paragon Men!