Samuel O’Toole and Jake Farren

Samuel o’Toole says: Samuel O’Toole is taking a nutrition course as part of his college general education, while his friend Jake Farren goofs around in the bathroom.

Jake is Sammy’s good pal, but sometimes Jake doesn’t know where to draw the line when it comes to joking around. Samuel just can’t focus with all the ruckus Jake is causing in there.

He’s slamming drawers and making distracting, guttural noises. Gosh, can’t a guy at least get a quiet atmosphere to study. Jake always wants to horse play, but Sammy needs to score big on his upcoming exam.

Jake jumps on the bed to try and get him to take a little break. Samuel’s reluctant, but when he hears what Jake has in mind, he caves. Jake wants to fool around a bit. Once he gets his way, he pulls out Samuel’s large cock and goes to town.

It’s exactly the diligent dick for which he was hungering. Then it’s Sammy’s turn to take a mouthful of Jake’s raging boner. Samuel knows just the right way to make Jake’s toes curl. But Jake had a little something else in mind too.

He wants his tight pink man hole plowed by Samuel’s huge big cock. And it’s exactly what he’s getting when he take a hard ass pounding from behind.

Watch Jake climb on top and take Sammy’s erect dick for a good, hard ride during this study break that’ll help you bone up on some important material. Get Jake Farren video at Samuel o’Toole!

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